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Spinal Rehab & Sports Medicine Lo

Dr. Bob is chiropractor dedicated to providing the residents of Austin, TX the most advanced chiropractic care & sports Rehabilitation techniques available. Dr. Bob has been a chiropractor with the University of Texas Athletics program since 1999 and works extensively with top collegiate and professional athletes. Dr. Bob now brings this experience to the Spinal Rehab & Sports Medicine clinic and the same techniques he used to help top athletes recover faster are now available to all the residents of Austin, TX.  Our team will  provide you with an individualized program tailored to your specific condition. These individualized programs will ensure that you recover faster and reach optimal health. If you have a condition that may be causing you to experience chronic pain or acute pain then call our office for an evaluation today. Don’t live with the pain, get back in the game. Call Today: (512) 258-4425

Chiropractic Medicine

Includes many different treatments

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Decompression
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • EPAT Shock Wave Therapy
  • More…

Sports Rehabilitation

Individulazied Programs for your unique condition

  • EPAT: Shockwave Therapy
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Cryotherapy
  • More…

Conditions We Treat

Expert diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain & sports injuries

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Sciatica Nerve Pain
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • More…

Myofascial Release

No clinic offers more MFR techniques

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Mulligan Technique
  • LPG / Endermologie
  • ART (Active Release Technique)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • More…

EPAT | Shockwave Therapy – Faster Recovery from Sports Injuries

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT) is a non-invasive procedure that uses pressure waves to kindle and accelerate the healing of damaged tissue. Shockwave Therapy is similar in that it is non-invasive, but instead uses a high-intensity sound wave that reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen, and dissolves calcium build-up. Both can treat muscle and tendon pain and are very effective with most common sports injuries. Achilles tendonitis and other Achilles injuries can be healed much more quickly when EPAT or Shockwave Therapy is used. Bursitis is a condition where the fluid-filled sacs that cushion your joints become inflamed, can be relieved with Shockwave Therapy to reduce inflammation and help minimize future outbreaks. Golfer’s elbow differs from tennis elbow in that the pain is on the inside of your arm and is closely tied to finger and wrist stress. These therapies are effective in pain reduction and accelerated healing. Heel spurs are calcium deposits on the underside of the heel, can build up over long periods of time and cause discomfort in the heel. Shockwave Therapy helps to dissolve these calcium deposits and relieve the pain they cause. Plantar fasciitis is caused when the band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot is under excessive stress, which will result in small tears that will lead to irritation and inflammation. These therapies can be effective in reducing inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration.